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 +====== Accessing IP restricted website seamlessly with PHProxy and Switcheroo Redirector ======
 +As some of you may have noticed, I am doing a PhD in a certain university. Rather surprisingly,​ I can't access one of the e-journal website that is related to my field. Fortunately,​ I am an alumnus of another university. Due to the fact that I joined a certain society in that university, I have shell-access to one of the machines on that university'​s network. That machine also provides PHP-enabled web-hosting. ​
 +There are two ways to access that particular e-journal. I used to do SSH-tunneling. However I find SSH tunnelling cumbersome, even with plugins like Proxy SwitchyOmega [(https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​proxy-switchyomega/​padekgcemlokbadohgkifijomclgjgif?​hl=en)],​ mainly because I need to type in ''​SSH -D1080 hostname''​ and click a button on Proxy Switchy Omega. ​
 +My new method involves using PHProxy[(http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​poxy/​)] and Switcheroo Redirector[(https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​switcheroo-redirector/​cnmciclhnghalnpfhhleggldniplelbg?​hl=en)]. PHProxy works quite well with that e-journal website. Interestingly,​ that particular e-journal website doesn'​t work with some of the newer PHP based proxies. I basically set up the PHProxy, and use Switcheroo Redirector to redirect all the URL for that e-journal website to PHProxy. ​
 +For security, I set up password authentication in ''​.htaccess''​. I also make sure that I use the https URL in the redirector. ​
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