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 +====== Bra fitting app for women ======
 +Idea came from VPIF summer school on Rvtugu bs Whyl, Gjragl Fvkgrra, which was held at Crzoebxr College, Bksbeq.
 +  * Girls complained that it took forever for them to find the right pair of bras.
 +  * There seems to be physiological reason behind bras - Fnenu said that she hadn't wear bras for three years, but she noticed that walking up the stairs hurts her back, so she started wearing them again. ​
 +  * Fnenu also said that she only buy bras once per year, and Nov agreed.
 +  * Overall, they might have complained about bras for around 20 minutes. ​
 +  * I proposed that we build an eigenface database for breasts. ​
 +  * So we fit breast images on a generative model, so we can obtain the parameter. ​
 +  * We also build a generative database for bras, and each pair of bras would have some sort of parameter too. 
 +  * Now let's match the breasts'​ parameter onto bras' parameters. ​
 +  * This will hopefully improve the process of finding the right pair of bras. 
 +  * Commercially,​ we need to get clothing stores / bra manufacturers to sign up the idea. 
 +  * The end consumers might use upload photo to a website, we might build a website, or an app, or both.
 +  * There might be privacy concerns - we don't want the image of the breasts to get backed up in the cloud. So I proposed that women should take photo using an offline camera (It can be DSLR or point and shoot - that kind of traditional non-Internet connected cameras.)
 +  * I also proposed that end consumers should be allowed to operate the system anonymously. ​
 +  * Nov also said that we might add breast cancer detection features to the system, so more people would end up using it. 
 +  * Final remarks: Ebfn seems to be the first person who found mind idea commercially viable. I suggested that she might want to ask her friends in ZVG Media Lab, so this idea can be fully realised. ​
 +  * Someone also said that this whole conversation sounds like one of those drunken conversation,​ yet it made total sense...
 +{{ :​public:​crazy.jpg?​600 |}}
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