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 +====== E-peening ======
 +Please refer to [[http://​www.urbandictionary.com/​define.php?​term=e-peen|Urban Dictionary]] for the definition for e-peening. It is an important process in establishing social hierachy. ​
 +===== Procedure for CPU e-peening =====
 +==== Linux kernel compilation ====
 +<code bash>
 +git clone --depth 1 https://​github.com/​torvalds/​linux
 +cd linux
 +make x86_64_defconfig
 +time make -j$(nproc) bzImage
 +==== General checklist for CPU e-peening: ====
 +<​todo>​ CPU frequency governor: Performance </​todo>​
 +<​todo>​ Folding@Home:​ Off </​todo>​
 +<​todo>​ Turbo-boost:​ On </​todo>​
 +<​todo>​ Google Chrome: Exit </​todo>​
 +<​todo>​ Icedove: Exit </​todo>​
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