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 +====== Launch a read-only web server displaying some sort of shell output ======
 +You need to do it in a part:
 +The script below will launch a shell output recording session. ​
 +<code bash>
 +echo /tmp/$STY
 +touch /tmp/$STY
 +chmod 0600 /tmp/$STY
 +script -a -f /tmp/$STY
 +rm /tmp/$STY
 +Then you need to run the following: ​
 +<code bash>
 +shellinaboxd -t -s /:​$USER:​$USER:/​home/​$USER:"/​usr/​bin/​tail -f /​tmp/​$STY"​ &
 +You can put it in a script, as ''​$STY''​ is exported. Please don't single-quote ('''​$STY'''​) that variable. ​
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