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 +====== Notes on setting up Raspberry Pi 2 ====== 
 +This post describes the stuff I did to my Raspberry Pi 2, which is the current acting home server. These configuration steps are probably useful for everyone.  
 +  - Download and flash the Raspbian-lite image.  
 +  - Remove the following packages: ''​dhcpcd5 dphys-swapfile raspi-config triggerhappy bluez*''​ 
 +    * ''​dhcpd5''​ interferes with ''/​etc/​network/​interfaces''​ - it makes configuring the network more complicated. 
 +    * ''​dphys-swapfile''​ configure a swap file in the root partition - I have no idea why anyone wants that.  
 +    * ''​triggerhappy''​ not entirely sure what it does, probably useless - I have never used it.  
 +    * ''​raspi-config''​ messes with your CPU frequency governor at boot, of course you want to use the ''​performance''​ governor. 
 +    * ''​bluez*''​ are the Bluetooth related things. I don't use Bluetooth.  
 +  - Wipe the unnecessary stuff in ''/​etc/​rc.local'',​ so your IP address doesn'​t come up in the boot screen - I found it weird.  
 +  - Install '​default-mta',​ of course you want to receive all the system emails.  
 +  - Install ''​sysfsutils''​ 
 +      * Add the following in ''/​etc/​sysfs.conf'',​ these ensures that your CPU always runs at the fastest speed. You should be using zswap anyway.  
 +      * <​code>​ 
 +devices/​system/​cpu/​cpu0/​cpufreq/​scaling_governor = performance 
 +devices/​system/​cpu/​cpu1/​cpufreq/​scaling_governor = performance 
 +devices/​system/​cpu/​cpu2/​cpufreq/​scaling_governor = performance 
 +devices/​system/​cpu/​cpu3/​cpufreq/​scaling_governor = performance 
 +module/​zswap/​parameters/​enabled = 1 
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