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 +====== Pokemon Go on Motorola Moto E2 ======
 +To install Pokemon Go from Google Play, you phone needs to have 2GB RAM. Motorola Moto E2 only has 1GB RAM, and 4GB usable space in its flash memory. Here are the modification I did to enable my Moto E2 to run Pokemon Go. 
 +  - Use adoptive storage to get extra space. ​
 +  - Turn off ZRam. 
 +  - Add a swap partition.
 +===== Implementation considerations =====
 +  * The swap partition can be a separate physical partition, or it can be a swap file in the adopted storage
 +  * If it is a swap file in the adopted storage, encryption will be additionally performed every time swap is used. This is not what I did. 
 +  * It is hard to resize the adopted storage partition. I ended up copying the adopted storage partition to a bigger SD card, use the empty space for swap. 
 +  * It might be a good idea to leave some empty space on the SD card for wear-levelling. ​
 +  * If your SD card break, do a wipe/test with badblocks.
 +===== How to turn the swap on =====
 +There is no ''/​etc/​rc.local''​ equivalent on Android, I personally use [[https://​play.google.com/​store/​apps/​details?​id=os.tools.scriptmanager&​hl=en_GB| SManager]] to manually run the script at boot. You can of course create your own init file. 
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