Cool Stories

This page describes all the Cool Stories I have - they are the cool ideas that I have no time to implement. You should read them as hard science fictions. The idea is that when people read these ideas, they would say “Cool story, bro”.

These projects require detailed knowledge of network programming.

Protocol-imitating tool

  • Wrap your tunnel protocol behind HTTP request. HTTP request seems to go faster.

Multithread tunneling tool

  • De-multiplexing a VPN connection
  • You would need to sort out out-of-order packet.
  • Enable resend.
  • Learn Facebook status update and spew out more updates
  • Classify Facebook status updates.
  • A three part system, contains the following:
    1. An autonomous exploration robot which does SLAM.
    2. A server which process the data gathered by the SLAM bot, build it into some kind of 3D model, e.g. a map in the game Counter Strike.
    3. An VR exploration tool, it could just be Counter Strike.
  • Applications: indoor mapping for shopping malls, virtual tour for museums, search and rescue for hazardous environment.
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