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Cool Stories

This page describes all the Cool Stories I have - they are the cool ideas that I have no time to implement. The idea is that when people read these ideas, they would say “Cool story, bro”.

Projects that haven't really got started

OOBM on the cheap

Well, I run a server in China. I have managed to lose contact with the servers in numerous occasion, primarily due to my own stupidity. So I desperately need some sort of out-of-band management solution (OOBM). Primarily there are three ways to achieve this. I have listed them in the order of how easy it is to test then out.

  1. USB Serial adapter that gets activated at GRUB time / when kernel gets loaded. The serial console can be tested in a Virtualbox VM, by configuring a serial host pipe. However this approach does not test the driver complication - to investigate that, I would need to connect a USB serial adapter to the VM, another one to the physical machine. This can get a bit confusing quite quickly.
  2. Raspberry Pi Zero W Virtual HID Keyboard + Skype. This idea requires the purchase of a new Raspberry Pi Zero W. I can't use the old Raspberry Pi Zero, as they have no network connectivity.
  3. Intel AMT 6.0+. This is probably the easiest but most expensive option. A cheap source would be old laptops, but then I cannot guarantee they have vPro, and even if they have vPro, I cannot guarantee that they are not permanently disabled.

GFW resistant tunneling tools

These projects require detailed knowledge of network programming.

Protocol-imitating tool

  • Wrap your tunnel protocol behind HTTP request. HTTP request seems to go faster.

Multithread tunneling tool

  • De-multiplexing a VPN connection
  • You would need to sort out out-of-order packet.
  • Enable resend.

Projects that are stalled

Projects that will never happen

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