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To the people who can't tell the difference between a friend and an acquaintance:

A friend is someone you:

  • Share important moments with, whether positive or negative.
  • Share personal stuff with that goes beyond the superficial (e.g. what are their views on the current political system? what are their deepest fears? do they even like who they are right now?)
  • Care about enough that you would be genuinely upset if they were hurt or wronged, and not just “sympathetic” or “sorry.” Their losses are your losses, their victories are your victories to share and to remember together.
  • See/talk to on a more regular basis not just because you happen to be in the same place as them. You find the time to arrange to meet, you actively seek out their company.

An acquaintance is someone you:

  • Know via other people e.g. “This is X's friend's partner” or “This is someone I see occasionally at a society.”
  • See at a particular thing only e.g. you see them at a society or in your classes but you do not seek their company outside that.
  • Know only on a superficial, basic level. You might know a couple of things about them, but do you really know them/understand them? Do you actually listen to what they're saying or are you just responding politely as a way to fill time?

I hope that's helpful.

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