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Happy Christmas vs Merry Christmas

Quite a few people have said “Happy Christmas” to me, which made me really happy. However it made me wondered why they chose “Happy Christmas” over “Merry Christmas”, as I was taught to say “Merry Christmas” when I was in China. The reasoning behind that is so you can chain “Happy New Year” after “Merry Christmas”, as these two festivals are quite close to each other.

In this blog post, we explore why some people prefer “Happy Christmas” and why some people prefer “Merry Christmas”.

Happy Christmas

The phrase “Happy Christmas” is used by the following people or organisations:

Merry Christmas

Finally, there are a lot of articles on the Internet which explains the origin of the term “Merry Christmas” [(History of the Phrase Merry Christmas][(The meaning and origin of the expression: Merry Christmas][(Merry Christmas vs Happy Christmas].


It does seem that “Merry Christmas” is more commonly used. However I am going to stick to what the Queen says. So “Happy Christmas” it is.

It appears that Prince Charles uses “Happy Christmas” too. Kensington Palace is used by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they appear to use “Merry Christmas”. So perhaps when Prince William becomes the King, “Merry Christmas” will become common again.

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