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Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Here is a list of Pokemon related pick up lines that my friends came up with:

  1. I wish you were a Snorlax as well, so we can find a nice spot to sleep.
  2. If I were Nidoking, I would want you to be my Nidoqueen.
  3. Are you a Charizard? Because you are hot!
  4. You can make my Magikarp a Gyrados.
  5. Can I give you my Kadabra, so you can give me an Alakazam?
  6. My pokedex says you're a Jynx. Because you've jinxed me!
  7. Are you a Moltres? Because you're a really rare hot bird!
  8. If you were a pokemon, you would be Gengar, because you are always in my dreams.
  9. If you were a pokemon, I would have to use a masterball since you are such a rare catch.
  10. You must be a HM, because you are unforgettable.
  11. I need a paralyze heal, because you are stunning.

Anyway, if you have any new contributions, please contact me using the normal methods. Alternatively, register an account on this website, and leave your comment in the talk page. (The talk page for this page hasn't been created yet, but your can create it yourself!)

Anti-pick up lines

Here are some anti-pick up lines. You should use them if you received some unwanted attention.

  1. You are like a ghastly … Dead to me.
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