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 +====== Pokemon Pick Up Lines ======
 +Here is a list of Pokemon related pick up lines that my //friends// came up with:
 +  - I wish you were a Snorlax as well, so we can find a nice spot to sleep.
 +  - If I were Nidoking, I would want you to be my Nidoqueen.
 +  - Are you a Charizard? Because you are hot!
 +  - You can make my Magikarp a Gyrados.
 +  - Can I give you my Kadabra, so you can give me an Alakazam?
 +  - My pokedex says you're a Jynx. Because you've jinxed me!
 +  - Are you a Moltres? Because you're a really rare hot bird!
 +  - If you were a pokemon, you would be Gengar, because you are always in my dreams.
 +  - If you were a pokemon, I would have to use a masterball since you are such a rare catch.
 +  - You must be a HM, because you are unforgettable.
 +  - I need a paralyze heal, because you are stunning.
 +Anyway, if you have any new contributions,​ please contact me using the normal methods. Alternatively,​ register an account on this website, and leave your comment in the talk page. (The talk page for this page hasn't been created yet, but your can create it yourself!)
 +===== Anti-pick up lines =====
 +Here are some anti-pick up lines. You should use them if you received some unwanted attention. ​
 +  - You are like a ghastly ... Dead to me.
 +===== External Links =====
 +  * [[http://​shaunkitchener.com/​2015/​10/​14/​i-joined-grindr-and-only-used-trainer-quotes-from-pokemon-red/​ | Pokemon quotes on Grindr]]
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