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 +====== Setting up Raspberry Pi Zero on OTG mode ====== 
 +Raspberry Pi Zeros are brilliant. By running them in Ethernet OTG mode, you literally only need a Micro-USB cable to control them. The guide to follow is [[https://​gist.github.com/​gbaman/​975e2db164b3ca2b51ae11e45e8fd40a|this one]], you literally follow them verbatim. However if you want to have stable MAC address, you need the following kernel options in ''/​boot/​cmdline.txt:​ 
 +g_ether.host_addr=72:​8d:​1f:​c4:​e8:​ca g_ether.dev_addr=46:​10:​3a:​b3:​af:​d9 
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