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SICP-Otaku Memes

SICP was apparently the cannon fodder for first year computer science student from University of York. Dr Alan Wood used it as a recommended textbook for his POPL module, when I was a second year undergrad. I have to say I don't particularly like Scheme as a programming language, due to its Polish notation. I meant come on, none of the natural languages follows Polish notation, right? I find it hard to think in Polish notation.

Having said that, I think SICP is a great book at teaching fundamental concepts in computer science. I wish I had seen these memes when I was doing the POPL module. It would have made my life more fun. :)

Anyway, I have decided to collate all the SICP memes that I like in this page. Of course this is some kind of gross copyright violation, so if you can prove that you own the picture, I am more than happy to credit them to you, or take down the pictures.

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Random pictures

SICP reading story

This story is about a boy and a girl getting together to read SICP. Apparently reading SICP together provides a good bonding experience. I am pretty sure some people wouldn't approve the story, so I have collapsed it.

The SICP reading story

The SICP reading story

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