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 +====== Sky Broadband User Credential Extraction ======
 +Sky broadband embed user login credential in their routers. If you want to use a third-party router, you have to use Wireshark to sniff it out[(http://​www.skyuser.co.uk/​forum/​sky-router/​55168-extract-username-password-sr102.html) (https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=BdcsmYX7eEQ)]. Here is a summary of what you have to do:
 +  - Connect to your SkyHub using an RJ45 cable. ​
 +  - Fire up Wireshark, set capture filter to "udp port 67 or udp port 68".
 +  - Unplug the RJ11 (DSL) cable.
 +  - Copy the captured packet as printable plaintext.
 +  - You will see a string that looks like "​xxxxxxxxxxxx@skydsl|yyyyyyyy"​. Your username is xxxxxxxxxxxx@skydsl,​ and your password is yyyyyyyy.
 +The modulation settings should be[(http://​forums.digitalspy.co.uk/​showthread.php?​t=2033907)]:​
 +^VPI | 0 |
 +^VCI | 38 |
 +^Multiplexing | VC-BASED |
 +^MTU | 1500 |
 +===== Getting it to work with OpenWRT =====
 +The whole point of extracting user credential is to make it work with OpenWRT. You might want this[(http://​wiki.openwrt.org/​doc/​uci/​network#​pppoa_adsl_internet_connection)]. Please note that there are apparently two ADSL annexes[(http://​wiki.openwrt.org/​toh/​buffalo/​wbmr-hp-g300h#​configure_adsl)].
 +Finally you definitely want to **delete** all the existing ATM bridges. Otherwise your ADSL won't connect. ​
 +===== References =====
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