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Star Wars: Last Jedi Review

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

I will give Star Wars: Last Jedi 5.5/10, mainly because the story doesn't make much logical sense. Why is the Resistance portrayed as a good organisation? Why is the First Order considered as bad? I think the Resistance looks like an organisation that is very lacking in terms military tactics and discipline. Personally I support First Order, because they seem to be a better organisation.

Military of the Resistance

  • Lack of disicipline
    • Capt Dameron disobeying order and continued the attack on First Order destroyer
      • This resulted in a pyrrhic victory, and unnecessary loss of resistance personnel.
    • Cmdr Dameron mutinied over Vadm Holdo's order to abandon ship.
  • Failure to win hearts and minds 1)
    • Self-imposed exile by Luke Skywalker
      • Even their senior leadership doesn't believe in their cause.
    • Nobody responded to the distress call by the Resistance.
  • Poor military leadership
    • Vadm Holdo decided to kamikaze the Resistance cruiser
      • This resulted in loss of a member of the senior leadership, it is harmful for morale.
      • Couldn't she have used autopilot, or a drone?
      • Couldn't they have done this earlier
  • Lack of communication between team members
    • Cmdr Dameron wasn't informed of Vadm Holdo's full plan of evacuation.
      • This partially led to the mutiny.
      • It is reasonable to believe that Cmdr Dameron would not have put Finn and Rose at risk by sending them to First Order flagship, if he was informed of Vadm Holdo's plan.
    • Rose stopped Finn from committing kamikaze, and ended up injuring herself. She managed to crash 2 Resistance vehicles in the process, and she managed to pull both herself and Finn away from the battlefield.

Military of the First Order

  • Justified and Proportionate use of force
    • The Cruiser chase scene
      • It is reasonable to think that the First Order could have crushed the cruiser then, bu they decided to fire warning shots to ask the Resistance to surrender.
  • Unity and Strength
    • The red guards revenged for Snoke's death
      • It clearly shows that the red guards' loyalty come from love and respect, rather than fear. Otherwise they would have immediate pledge allegiance to Kylo Ren.
    • General Hux always followed orders.
      • It doesn't matter if it was from Supreme Leader Snoke, or Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.
      • It shows that he is a very disciplined and professional soldier.
    • Better equipment
      • This is probably because the First Order is better managed.

Politics of the Resistance

  • The Resistance refuses to cut a peace deal with the First Order
    • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren proposed a power sharing agreement with Rey, but that was summarily rejected. They ended up having a fight during the negotiation - both side wanted Luke Skywalker's light saber.

Radicalisation of Kylo Ren

Luke Skywalker tried to kill Kylo Ren while Ren was asleep. Surely this is a safeguarding problem? I believe Skywalker needs to be reported to whatever government/authority they have. Skywalker's license to teach should have been revoked. Can you imagine if your lecturer / supervisor try to kill you, while you are taking a nap?

In some ways, I believe Kylo Ren is a hero, he is trying to liberate the galaxy from this dangerous Jedi cult.


I really feel the Resistance deserves to perish

1) Wikipedia: Winning hearts and minds
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