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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review

I have just watched Star Wars IX. I feel the narrative is very lacking in terms of depth. There was a clear sense of “right” and “wrong”. However it doesn't really explain why the Sith is bad. If Sith is that bad, how did they manage to amass so many followers and build such a powerful fleet? It can't be that bad.

I am disappointed that the Final Order did not succeed in crushing the Rebels. This film reminds me of Vietnam War. It started off as a counter-insurgency operation. The Rebels got pushed into the jungle, much like the Viet Cong.

Due to the lack of leadership by Kylo Ren, the Rebels dealt a decisive victory over the Final Order fleet. This was very similar to the lack of leadership of President Richard Nixon, which led to the US withdrawal from Vietnam.

The Rebels eventually won because they managed to summon a massive fleet. This fleet is basically a metaphor for China.

The whole film is basically a modern retelling of Vietnam War, complete with the victory of Communism.

Also, whoever wrote this film must be a massive fan of hereditary aristocracy. Palpatine wanted Rey to become Empress Palpatine. The two protagonists, Rey and Kylo Ren were born in the Palpatine and Skywalker/Solo family respectively. There was a clear message if you want to be the protagonists that get involved in the Force, you have to be born in the right family. There wasn't much social mobility, in terms of the connection with the Force. I feel this message is clearly incompatible with the modern society, which rewards effort and hardwork, rather than family background.

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